About me

I am Chai Hong Xuan. A biotechnology degree holder from Malaysia and currently in the process of advancing my study on molecular robotics. I consider myself a science and technology enthusiast or what others called a science "geek". To me, continuos advancement of technology for the common good of human being is the best way to move towards our future. I see bioscience as the increasingly significant knowledge as we are venturing into the space. Just as every great adventures into the unknown recorded in the history, new technologies were developed along the way. Naturally, the vast Universe is the domain of next human adventure and I wish to be part of it.

Apart from that, as an amateur astronomer, I enjoy observing the night sky and photographing it. If you know how to make more clear skies, please do let me know.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have the same vision and interest :)

E-mail: hx@starcrew.space